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Calculator Description

 Stamp Duty Calculator for documents dated on or after 22 February 2014 (228KB)
 Stamp Duty Calculator for documents dated before 22 February 2014 (247KB) 

Compute the stamp duty payable (including Seller's Stamp Duty) for the following types of documents:

  • Lease/rental of property
  • Sales and purchase of property
  • Mortgage of property and shares
  • Shares transfer
  • Clubs, Trade Associations and MCs
Calculator Description
Basic Tax Calculator

 Year 2009    (109KB) (applicable for YA 2008 and 2009
 Year 2010    (109 KB) (applicable for YA 2010 onwards)

Compute the tax liability of the club/society/association/management corporation 

  • Goods and Services Tax
Calculator Description
GST Registration Calculator

 Sole-proprietor    (458KB)

 Partnership    (718KB)

 Corporation    (472KB)

Determine when a sole-proprietor, partnership business or corporation is liable for GST registration 

  •  Wage Credit Scheme (WCS)
Calculator Description

 WCS calculator  (358KB) NEW!  (Works best with Microsoft Office Excel 2007 or later version)

 WCS calculator (Excel 97-2003)  (1MB) NEW! (Works best with Microsoft Office Excel 97 - 2003 version)

Compute the Wage Credit for employers.


Last Updated on 12 March 2014

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